ERC Start Up grant – and we’re hiring Post docs

After 1 ½ years at the Technion the lab is equipped and running – and we managed to land generous funding for the upcoming 5 years! The ERC Start Up grant is awarded to high risk – high gain research, so we plan to venture deep into in vivo neural networks, combining transcriptomics and connectomics at the single cell level.

Neurons are at the core of the nervous system’s computational capabilities. In recent years, we and others have advanced single-cell RNAseq to reveal their extraordinary molecular diversity in transcriptome-based cell-type taxonomies. It is the unique combinations of circuits that these different neuronal types form – within a practically unlimited space of possible implementations– that encode the large functional repertoire of the nervous system. Although critical, little is known about the basic organizational principles of cells within the circuits – the ‘wiring rules’. This highlights the conceptual challenge to measure connectivity on a systematic and synaptic, single-cell level. What is the topology of networks? What is the relation between network topology and function? How do cell types and gene expression determine wiring? 

As a Post doc in our lab you will be leading the experimental (position 1) or computational (position 2) efforts towards a systematic approach to resolve nervous system computation at the level of its cellular building blocks

Address your applications, including CV and 2 referees to