Funding for our preeclampsia research

We received the Preeclampsia Foundation’s Peter Joseph Pappas Research Grant to address preeclampsia from the single cell transcriptomics perspective – Thank you, and well done to the team! Ido Solt, Inbal, Niv and Hannah

Nuphar graduated!

Our first student, Nuphar Reinhardt, beautifully presented her master work – we’re proud of you!

ERC Start Up grant – and we’re hiring Post docs

After 1 ½ years at the Technion the lab is equipped and running – and we managed to land generous funding for the upcoming 5 years! The ERC Start Up grant is awarded to high risk – high gain research, so we plan to venture deep into in vivo neural networks, combining transcriptomics and connectomics at the single cell…

2 open PhD positions

Our lab is growing and we currently have openings for two PhD students. The lab uses advanced high-throughput genomics data to tackle problems in neuroscience using the mouse as animal model. We thrive at the intersection of molecular- and neurobiology, technology development and computer science and therefore encourage highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds to apply. …