Call for students

We are looking for motivated students with deep interest in molecular biology and neuroscience. The lab uses advanced high throughput genomics data to tackle problems in neuroscience using the mouse as animal model. Available projects include the use of the following methodologies: Single-cell RNA sequencing, advanced fluorescence in situ hybridization imaging, dissection and isolation of brain…

Summer heat breakfast

In the peak of Israeli summer, we enjoyed a breakfast together and marked several occasions – Our talented, lovely Polina is taking off to new adventures. She has supported us technically since the early Zeisel lab days and recently completed her Bachelor work – congratulations, and thank you!And, Lin’s family was finally able to join…

Funding for our preeclampsia research

We received the Preeclampsia Foundation’s Peter Joseph Pappas Research Grant to address preeclampsia from the single cell transcriptomics perspective – Thank you, and well done to the team! Ido Solt, Inbal, Niv and Hannah

Nuphar graduated!

Our first student, Nuphar Reinhardt, beautifully presented her master work – we’re proud of you!

ERC Start Up grant – and we’re hiring Post docs

After 1 ½ years at the Technion the lab is equipped and running – and we managed to land generous funding for the upcoming 5 years! The ERC Start Up grant is awarded to high risk – high gain research, so we plan to venture deep into in vivo neural networks, combining transcriptomics and connectomics at the single cell…